We got our first experience of retail consulting, optimisation and electronic shelf-edge labelling when we installed the UK's first segment ESL alongside a very sophisticated Price Optimisation system way back in 1997. The benefits were dramatic: delivering several percentage points improvement on GM.

But that was so last century. The software was prohibitively expensive for many retailers and the display technology was very limited - small screens with numeric displays so they still needed sticky paper for the description.

Things are very different now. The newest generation of epaper displays means that product information, promotions, pricing and customer interaction can all be managed automatically and totally paper-free. Optimisation software can be purchased on a rental basis and can be cost effective even for independent stores.

EKSI has a thorough understanding of all of the key store optimisation technologies, and particularly the business drivers and benefits of ESL and retail epaper, and practical experience of installations around the globe.

Why use ESKI?

  • Over 10 years' Experience in ESL and store optimisation
  • Independence - get an objective view of opportunities - & risks
  • It is essential that retailers understand all the possibilities
    and the various 'touch points' within their operations